My music,my life, my world, my way. Never give up. There's always hope.

Dear fans and friends ,I welcome you all from the bottom of my heart on my official and very personal website.

I'm starting a  journey that will never end, because I love the challenge.  I'm a dreamer but also a realist.  I do not strive for perfection, but I work very hard, for mine goals and dreams and never give up.

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Welcome to my life .

I am a Singer, book author and ambassador of hope to the subject of cancer.
It makes me very happy to know that with my book and hope projects I can make other people courage and hope.

I am a passionate singer and love to sing with all my heart . 20 years ago I stood on a stage for the first time and I look back full of joy and look forward to continuing to stand on many stages in the future  because I love it with all my heart to sing.  I start to realize that my career as an singer is very important to me. It is a part of me. I’m going to be who I really am. I start a new musical journey and i know my dreams will come true. 

Regardless of where in the world I may be, I will be in touch with you through this website.  I am not a star or a style queen, just a normal human being, who stands on stage and sings for other people. My message to you is simple: never give up, always believe in yourselves, and love yourselves the way you are. I am grateful to anyone who decides to follow me on my musical and life journey. This website project is a part of me and i hop you all enjoy it.

I'm going my own way , because i  want to be who i really am  and I don't want to be someone's copy.  Nobody tells me how I have to be and I can always be myself.  My whole team stands firmly behind me and everyone respects and accepts me just as I am.  I am grateful to be able to go this way completely free and without pressure to succeed.
My goal was never to become a superstar overnight and it was never my goal to have the biggest success quickly, but to build long-term success in slow steps. 

After a long fight against cancer, my new life after cancer began and I started again at 0 in 2012 and have since built several projects that have all become a valuable part of my life.


I love to live my versatility and together with a strong team I look forward to expanding my projects and living my dreams.


I look forward to all the challenges that lie ahead and to being able to continue on this path every day.

I wish you all a lot of fun with my website project and send you the warmest greetings and  hugs, your Liliane.



Liliane Scharf-Blowin In The Wind



My  CD "Blowin In The Wind" is available since July 2018 ,  for streaming and download :

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2. If I Had Only Known PDF-HTML

Here I am again facing an important turning point in my life and may live my dreams again and am more aware than ever of how much I owe the music of the world star Patrizio Buanne.
Without his music, I would not be alive anymore, because it was his music that gave me the courage and the strength since 2012 not to give up despite all the health-related setbacks. His music was always my hope on hopeless days, my sunshine on rainy days, and gave me courage and confidence.
The most special moment of my life was when I found new hope and courage in the fight against cancer in 2012 through the music of Patrizio Buanne. Since then his music has always been like the most beautiful sun in my life.
In my life, there were always many changes, friends came and went, but I could always rely on his music. She always helped me to dry my tears and to be happy again. His music has always been my light of hope, even on the darkest days.
I am so grateful that there is this unique, grandiose and phenomenal music, all this was and is only possible because there is a singer who never gave up to produce  and sing timeless music and this singer is world star Patrizio Buanne.
The music of world star Patrizio Buanne will always be the biggest miracle of my life. I owe it to his music that I am still alive and allowed to live every new day. His music has not only saved my life but also helps me to start every new day happily and thanks to his music, I am no longer afraid of the greatest challenges of life.
No matter if it rains, storms or snows but when I listen to his music the sun shines in my heart. Since 2012 his music has given me the most wonderful moments and his music has become from year to year an even more valuable constant part of my life.
My respect and loyalty for him have grown from year to year into infinity and I cannot even explain with words how great and full of appreciation this respect is.
Not even all the stars of the sky would be enough to describe my gratitude for his timeless unique music.
My love for the music of Patrizio Buanne is like the wind, even if sometimes I do not mention it for a few days or sometimes write about others, but this love for his music is always there .
Also my boundless respect and my boundless loyalty will always persist, every new day and every new moment of my life, and all this will one day continue in heaven. Then I will make millions of stars shine in the sky every new night and you will all know that it is my joy to know that his music will be heard for all times here on earth.
My love for his music will never end and my utmost respect and loyalty to this unique singer and entertainer will last forever.