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Thats me - My Way

In 1999 a young girl at the age of 13 started a musical journey that will never end.




If I knew that the world would end in a minute, I would still start singing a song, because that is what I love with all my heart.

My Biography – My musical journay- My Life



My whole life was a preparation for today, here and now and every new stroke of fate made me stronger and through all this I became the courageous, strong person I am today. It is my greatest concern to give courage and hope to other people and to show that even after countless strokes of fate one must never give up and that there is always a way to rekindle the light of hope in your hearts.

Liliane Scharf- Biography


Liliane Scharf -(*07.02.1986 in Tyrol) is an Austrian singer, actress and radio presenter. For several years she also worked as a journalist and editor, but never reported on stars or starlets but dealt with topics such as history and culture. Liliane finished all these activities to be able to concentrate from now on completely on her musical way and to be primarily singer and Entertainerin. But also to be able to have more time to her hopeprojects and book projects and to make more and more people courage and hope.


The long way back on the stage

Already at the age of 13 Liliane knew what she wanted. She wanted to become a singer and stand on many stages and this dream has come true. From 1999 -2008 she finally toured Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mallorca-Spain, Belgium, Holland and other countries as folk music singer Marie and later as singer Silke Scharf. During this time she gave more than 800 live performances, gave smaller concerts and published 4 CD´s . She did not land a big hit but the fans became more and more and also the live performances became more. She also had TV and radio appearances again and again.


In 2008, she realized that she no longer wanted to sing just folk music musically, she had grown up, found her new love the schlagermusic . At the same time, she realized that she wanted to make it to the top, that she was prepared to face all the challenges with courage and fight for her dreams. So she trained a completely new stage program and completed very successful live performances with growing success. In 2009, she finally received the long-awaited record deal, sponsors were secured, everything was wonderful. But then the shock diagnosis, tumors and metastases in both the stomach and intestinal area. Her record company quit the contract, but Liliane still wanted to continue on stage and did so despite Chemos until August 2010. This was followed by two operations followed by chemos.

In the summer of 2011 she finally came very far in the fight against cancer and was already planning a stage comeback under a new stage name Liliane. The first dates were planned and a new team put together, but then the setback.


While the cancer was almost defeated both in the stomach and intestinal area and the tumors were hardly visible anymore, the new shock diagnosis leukemia came. However, this was quickly recognized and could be stopped with medication quickly and although there were best predictions with the help of chemos to become completely healthy again, Liliane had arrived at a point where she wanted to give up. She stopped taking medicine and cancelled chemotherapy.



But then on 28 January 2012 she saw Patrizio Buanne performing in a German TV show, his music had something very special about it. She had followed his career the last few years, but was never a fan of him. But in this situation during her illness it became clear to her what message his songs convey and how much energy is in them. From that day on she listened to his songs every day, sometimes all day long, went back to doctor's appointments, took medication and finally started again with the chemos and 5 months later she had finally defeated the cancer.



Without Patrizio Buanne's music she would not be alive today anymore , his music have given her the necessary energy and strength to hold out and still today his songs are daily companions of Liliane and help her to start the days cheerfully . His music also helps her to work full power for her projects and her musiccareer.


During her cancer she wrote her first book "LILIANE-My Life with Cancer" in which she gives insights into how she experienced cancer with diary entries. The book was published in March 2012 when it was not yet clear whether she would win the battle against cancer.



In July 2012 she published her book "Aus Liebe zu Adamo" in which she writes about her love for very special animals. Liliane did not see herself as a book author in any way, but wanted to use the time during her cancer to encourage others and therefore worked on her book projects, giving people the opportunity to get to know her and her life much better.


Since May 2012 she had used the chemo breaks for singing lessons as well as choreography and dance training. Since May 2012, her team has also started all preparations for her musical comeback. Until the beginning of June 2012 Liliane still had chemotherapies, but in larger intervals and since mid-June it could be confirmed that the cancer could finally be defeated.



Of course there were still after-treatments and Liliane still had to go often to check-ups, but nothing stood in the way of a slow comeback.


Liliane received private singing lessons, dance and choreography training as well as acting lessons. Already in July 2012 she was on stage again and since then she had many very successful live performances. Since August 2012 she is also working on her first album as Liliane with the title " Schreib in den Sand ". (Write in the Sand)


Her album "Schreib in den Sand" was released in July 2013, since then further single releases from this album have been released. In summer 2013 Liliane had to endure another stroke of fate, because her then manager and closest friend Katherina J. committed suicide. Her fatherly friend Volker A took over the management and he died months later in a serious car accident. Although the blows of fate did not end, Liliane did not give up and did not stop being a positive person and looking forward.



From 2013 to autumn 2015 it had to pause again and again due to health setbacks. Due to the long period of cancer and the many chemotherapies, secondary diseases had developed and it took until autumn 2015 to get these completely under control. Since autumn 2015, she and her entire team have been starting all over again and they were all more than ever happy to be able to fly towards their dreams and goals. Shortly before her stage comeback in 2016, she fell ill with cancer again in August 2016. On December 1, 2017, she received the joyous news that she had won the fight against cancer again. 

From 2017 to 2018 she had to completely dedicate herself to her regeneration due to the health complications caused by her cancer and the many chemos she had, and therefore could not yet be on stage, but continued to build her online projects. In 2019 she successfully celebrated her stage comeback and stood on stage several times. From autumn 2019 to spring 2020 she will concentrate on her book projects and online projects for several months. She is currently working on a completely new musical stage program with which she will be back on stage from 2020.


Her biggest role model for all times is world star Patrizio Buanne.

she admires him for his great musical ability, for his uniqueness, and that he always had the courage to go his own way. Although he is already celebrating worldwide success with his music and has already made millions of fans worldwide happy with his music, he always remained down-to-earth. He always remained the sympathetic patrizio he always was and for whom his fans love him so much.

He is one of the best singers in the world and no one can sing as singularly as he does. His world-renowned "Patrizio Buanne music style" is just brilliant.


Private life of Liliane

Liliane was in a relationship with the Italian Pedro D from 2007 to 2008. The former professional soccer player was just about to build a career in pop music when he died shortly after her engagement of a sudden cardiac death at the young age of 28.


Since then Liliane has remained single and invests all her energy 100 percent in her projects. 


Liliane: Right now I'm starting a new musical journey, and no matter where I'm going to be on stage, but in the future I want to always make my audience feel like they are on a musical journey around the world . I want to sing in different languages and genres and thereby express my musical versatility. The music of my hero Patrizio Buanne inspired me to all this , because through his music I experienced the most beautiful journeys around the globe. Through his music and I became more and more aware that music is a language that knows no bounds. Music opens the hearts of people and creates friendships between people of different languages and cultures.