My hands wrote all these book projects with my heart and with all the love of my heart. May they give everyone hope and courage.

My book projects about my life with and after cancer and also other book projects about my life are available in a few days.


My books will be available in few days, for free download.


Mr. Cancer and my promise to God- My life with and after cancer


This book will be uploaded in several parts as a PDF file.


Available soon.


Altogether I wrote 6. book projects . All are already available in German on my German homepage and are currently being translated into English.


The message of my books

My books were written from 2012 to 2018


They were written by me with my heart to give joy to all people of this world no matter what faith or culture they belong to, to entertain them, to give them hope and courage. With these books I want to give all people the feeling that they are never really alone.

 Through these books you experience together with me various emotions like joy and happiness, sadness, despondency and self-doubt .  But you also experience how I have always managed to rekindle the light of hope in my heart even after difficult times and strokes of fate.  And also how I have learned to laugh again and full of hope, courage and all my inner strength to continue on my way happily and to look ahead.

My books were certainly not written just to be read but to inspire other people and to give them hope and courage. To make them feel that anything is possible in life if you only believe in yourself and your dreams and never give up hope.

They should give all people the feeling that even after darkest days and worst strokes of fate it can go on and on and one must never give up hope that happier days will follow. 

At the moment I feel infinite joy and happiness in my heart and I am very grateful that I have written all these books and I thank my sponsors and team members for the chance to get these books published worldwide in several languages as original books from 2019 onwards. My 6 book projects have so many pages that it would certainly take me many days to read it all again, but I don't think this is necessary in any way to tell you more about the message of my books.

At the moment I do what has always helped me the most, to think back to the last few years and to find the right words to express my memories and feelings in words. What always helped me most was the unique, timeless and wonderful music of world star Patrizio Buanne, whenever I listen to his music then it is always like a new adventure trip. His music has inspired me to write all these book projects. His music has helped me to do all that and much more and has always been my light of hope and will be forever.

During I listen to one CD after another, I will once again make a memorial journey from the creation of my first book in 2012 to my final book project and completion in 2018. Very gently, word for word is written down, whole sentences are created and my heart will tell all of you what I want to express with my books, why it was my destiny to write them all and what message they should express.

All this will be available as PDF file to download and read here.

Part 1

The message of my books- Part 1.pdf
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Part 2

The message of my books- Part 2.pdf
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Part 3

The message of my books- Part 3.pdf
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You can read and download my book project "Mr. Cancer and my promise to God-Life with And After Cancer" on the following page: