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Saturday , 28.September 2019


hello dear fans and friends, I can tell all of you that I am still cancer-free. Waiting for the final results always seems like an eternity to me.  i was very relieved, yesterday . My thoughts are  on each new day with all those at present fight against the cancer , I send to all completely much energy and wish them all that they soon feel better. The last months have been marked by many positive, but also negative news. infinitely many have lost the fight against cancer, but just as many have won the fight against cancer. We must all never give up hope that one day cancer will be curable for all. Many people will never realize how valuable every new day of life is. Also many people who are completely healthy are not aware of the wealth they all have . Many people abandon others who suffer from cancer and they don't want to hear anything about the topic cancer. But the life does not only consist of sunshine and cheerfulness and nobody can float always only on pink clouds, the life consists of rain and also sunshine. Cancer can hit everyone and nobody can protect himself from it by avoiding the topic cancer. Not talking about it does not change the fact that there is the disease cancer, that more and more people get sick from it and if you don't know anything about cancer then this topic only makes you much more afraid. Many don't go to the medical checkup because they have fear that the result might be something bad. Many people could still be alive if the cancer had been detected in time. I will continue to talk and write very open about the topic cancer and my experiences with it in order to give courage and hope to other people and to signal to all those who fight against cancer that they are not alone. It is not always easy to go this way, because many healthy people don't want to hear about cancer, but sometimes you have to be courageous,  to do a lot of positive things for many people. I send all of you friendly hugs and warm greetings , Liliane.


Thursday , 05.September 2019


The music of worldstar Patrizio Buanne was and is my butterfly of hope for all time


Yesterday I was sitting in the garden thinking about my projects and my life.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining beautifully and I watched the white clouds in the bright blue sky. Sometimes I allow myself a creative break, enjoy the quiet and paint pictures. The picture on the left was painted yesterday, it is dedicated to my butterfly of hope and that is the music of world star Patrizio Buanne for me. A long and often not so easy way lies behind me and I am sometimes fascinated by how I managed to have all these projects created despite everything. I have recently become more aware than ever that I could only manage to build all these projects because the music of Patrizio Buanne gave me the strength to do all this. His music was always my light of hope since 2012 and it will be forever. I am so infinitely grateful that there is his music in my life. Sometimes I can not believe what incredible luck I had, when I realized how wonderful and unique his music is. Yes, in spite of all the years of fate, I still had great luck, because the music of Patrizio Buanne has accompanied me since 2012, and his music is for me the greatest happiness on earth. 

I feel so much respect and boundless gratitude to Patrizio Buanne because he never stopped creating timeless music. His music simply means everything to me and his CD´s and DVD´s are the most valuable what I own. When I hold one of his CD´s in my hand then I feel like I am the richest person in the world, because his music is for me the most unique and wonderful thing in the world. It is unbelievable for me that there is something as unique and wonderful as the music of Patrizio Buanne. He is my hero and my greatest role model and I admire him with all my heart. 

I owe Patrizio Buanne and his music that I am still alive, because his music saved my life in 2012. But I owe much more to his music because it gave me the courage to build all these projects and all these projects have become a valuable part of my life. It means a lot to me that I can use my experiences to give courage and hope to other people, and that makes all my fateful years meaningful. Everything negative that I had to go through was not in vain because through my book and hope projects I can give so many people courage and hope. It was a long way until today, here and now and most certainly my projects are only at the beginning of a much longer journey, but I can hardly wait this way to go on. I am no longer afraid of the greatest challenges of life and I owe that to the music of Patrizio Buanne.  His music was and is my hope on the most hopeless days,  is my confidence, my courage and my strength. His music is for me like the most beautiful light in the darkest night, like a shining colorful rainbow after a stormy rainy day and like a butterfly of hope which shows me like a compass the right way. I do not know my future but I know that I will never be hopeless again and I will never be alone again because my butterfly of hope is with me on every new day.

Wednesday,14. August 2019

Dear fans and friends, Today here and now begins my new path. This website project is much more than a website, no, it's part of me. There is already an official website of mine in German and also other German website projects  which I have built since 2012. This website project is dedicated to all english speaking fans and friends and I am also looking forward to all future website visitors.


Saturday ,13.April 2019 

first diary entry 


Our life journey begins with our birth. None of us knows where this path will take us. Of course, this way is not only characterized by sunshine and happiness, but also the sadness and the rainy days are part of our life.

It is up to us to make the most of our lives and always find a way to be happy again after sad days and to see the sun again after rainy days.

Happiness is not something we can find, it is never really gone, it is always deep in our heart, sometimes we just need time to feel it again and then it shines in our heart and helps us to be positive and happy again .


Even if we think on some days that happiness has left us, it is nevertheless always with us, we only have to open our heart, then we will always find happiness in us.


on this photo i am three years old


Long ago, when I was a kid, I dreamed of having a great adventure, something that many people will never experience, I dreamed of experiencing something very special. When in 2012, the music of

world star Patrizio Buanne came into my life, this childhood dream of has come true. And to this day, it seems incredible to me , what a big luck it was for me and for my life to realize how unique and beautiful his music is. Of course, in the last few years I have ,suffered many strokes of fate , but thanks to his music, I have always found my way out of the darkness back into the light.  

This Year  I've become more aware than ever before  of what the music from Patrizio Buanne  means to me, and day by day, I'm more grateful, and I do not even know how to put my feelings for his music  into words, my love to his music is much more than all stars from heaven.  I only need his music, one of his CD, which I insert in the CD player, and from the first to the last sound I am the happiest person. His music was and is the biggest miracle of my life. I owe her that I have not given up in the fight against cancer and are still alive today. I owe her the most wonderful adventure trips, because when I hear his music, then I see the most beautiful pictures in front of my eyes and dance in a sea of music notes, his music gave and gives me energy, courage,  and hope. Even if I die tomorrow, I could say without regret what a rich and happy life I have led thanks to his music. Every new day in my life when I can  hear his music is like fulfilling of a bis dream. The music of patrizio buanne helps me to have wonderful dreams, sometimes I feel as if I am walking on a beautiful colorful flower meadow, dancing amidst colorful butterflies or music notes.

my greatest heartwish


At the moment I am happy and satisfied that I can live my dreams and I am grateful that I am alive and because I owe it all to a certain music, I only have one heart's desire. 


I wish with all my heart that my hero and big role model Patrizio Buanne always stays healthy and his days are characterized by happiness and joy. I wish for him and his wonderful music that the coming years will always be marked by success and that more and more people will realize how wonderful, unique and timeless his music is. I also wish with all my heart that no matter where he is in the world on the road ,that he will always get only the best and most delicious food and of course a lot of it so that he will never be hungry. I also hope with all my heart , that he will always get a lot of chocolate everywhere in the world.  I wish him wholeheartedly that he will always be surrounded by people who will bring him the respect and loyalty he deserves, and I sincerely hope that his team members and all the people who are important to him will always stay healthy and happy.