Mister Cancer and my promise to God-My life with and after Cancer


Hello dear fans and friends, on this page you can find my book as a free download, I wish you a lot of fun with it. I would be very happy if my book also gives many people courage and joy.



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By this book you all go together with me on a journey into my past, by personal diary entries you may experience everything very closely with and get to know also me better.

This book contains both my book project "life with cancer" and also "life with and after cancer". This book also includes diary entries that have never been published before and I look back at everything from today's perspective. While I was fighting against  the cancer, I made a deal with God.

My promise to God was that in the future I would give hope and courage to more and more people through my book projects. It was also my promise that I would do everything I could to become very famous, so that my projects would become better known and more and more people worldwide would get hope and courage through my projects. Daddy God kept his promise to me and kept on sending me miracles so that I always found new courage and new hope to not give up and thereby could win the fight against cancer.  After Daddy  God has kept all his promises, I also do everything I can to keep my promise.  Cancer is a terrible disease and unfortunately more and more people fall ill with it. Many people win the battle against cancer and become cancer-free, but unfortunately many also die from this disease. I was very lucky to be one of the survivors and I know how grateful I can be to still be alive.  I am very grateful for this 2nd life and I will use this life to be there for others.  For this book project I opened my soul, I wrote just everything I felt and finally this book became my best friend. This book project is for me much more than just a book, it is a part of me.   


You can read and download my book project for free.
My book project will be uploaded in 10 parts:

Part 1

Mister Cancer and my promise to god-Part
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Part 2

Mister Cancer and my promise to God-Par
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Part 3

Mister Cancer and my promise to God- Par
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Part 4 

Mister Cancer and my promise to God- Par
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