My Life Journey -My Way


I´m so happy to know that my life journey inspires other people to live their dreams .


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His Music saved my life -My Way -Part 2.
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I am a singer, book author and ambassador of hope to the subject of cancer.


I am a passionate singer and I love to sing with all my heart.


I write and speak very openly about my life with and after cancer and hope that many people with all my projects about my life with and after cancer will get courage and hope. 



During the last few years I could give many people new courage and hope, some people wanted to give up in the fight against cancer, but because of my projects they got new hope and courage and  could win the fight against the cancer and that fills my heart with joy.

When I started my musical journey with folk music in 1999 and was my first time as a singer on a stage, that was such an indescribably beautiful feeling and I felt it deep in my heart that this was exactly the way I wanted to go.   Being a singer was and is my passion and my big  love , that was the way it was then and has remained so to this day.

From that time until today I made an incredible musical journey and from then until now I have certainly developed a lot further, always working hard on myself and my skills and never stopped going my way. My musical path began with folk music, later also Schlagermusic and in the meantime I also sing country and pop music. I love all of these music styles and have realized that I feel most comfortable in the musical versatility. 


  My biggest musical role model is world star Patrizio Buanne, I love his music from the bottom of my heart and through it I have the feeling that everything in life is possible if i believe in me and my dreams. His music is one of the most important things in my life. I am so proud and happy about my Patrizio Buanne CD and DVD collection.

His music is one of the most important things in my life. It has gotten me through extremely difficult times. It has inspired me to do so many different things, including writing. Without his music i cannot write or work on my projects. The music of Patrizio Buanne is like a wonderful energy for me, my inspiration and helps me to start every new day with a good feeling . Yes i know that there are many wonderful singers but he is the best singer I've ever heard. There is no one on the planet that can sing like this singer and he is really unique and brilliant.


His Music saved my life

 Patrizio Buanne is my angel and my hero for all times and he is also my biggest role model and i love his music with all my heart.



2012 i wanted to give up my fight against cancer because I had lost hope in my heart and also lost all hope to winning this fight against cancer one day.on one of this hopeless days i heard him singing on TV. His music gave me so much new hope and courage that I kept fighting and months later I had won this fight against cancer and was cancerfree. During the last years since 2012, I had to endure many more strokes of fate and also health setbacks and in this time his music was always like a light of hope for me, through them I found always new hope and courage to fight for my life as well as for my dreams.


 Patrizio Buanne is my greatest role model, and the path he is going , inspires me to embark on my new musical path and to perform myself in various musical styles and languages.


 Listening to his music gives me so much strength, hope, courage and new energy and I feel more than ever before, that it is time again, to reach for the stars and if i can not reach them than i land on the moon. I reach for the moon and if i can not reach him than i might land among on a cloud. It is very important to have goals and dreams and never give up believing in yourself is also very important.


Despite all the health setbacks now again to have the chance to make a musical new beginning, fills my heart with the greatest of gratitude and I will take this opportunity to work as hard on me as I can, always do my best and do everything to what i can , to make my dreams come true.


Likewise, I will continue to work very hard and with all my heart for my hopesprojects and bookprojects , so that more and more people will receive hope, courage and joy. More than ever I have the feeling that through all my experiences of the last years and through my life I had lived, I can give hope and courage to many people and I know that nothing was in vain and everything has its meaning. I can look back without fear, live happily and gratefully in today, here and now, and can also look forward with confidence and hope.


That I am able to do all this again is certainly thanks to my greatest role model ,Patrizio Buanne, and his unique, wonderful, outstanding, brilliant music, because through her I have never given up on my life and through that I am still alive and i know that his music saved my life. Because of his music i also always found new courage to continue to work on my music career and my projects, his music is my hope , my courage and gives me confidence. The music of patrizio buanne was and is for me, on the darkest days of my life, it has always been like a wonderful radiant rainbow, like the most beautiful sunrise and like the most wonderful starry sky in the darkest night. Life is always like a great adventure trip and I'm so thankful to still be alive and to still be part of this beautiful world and that from now on I'll never be hopeless and more than ever live my dreams ,all this and much more i owe to his music.


My boundless love for his music will last forever. With the deepest obeisance , with all respect and appreciation that is only possible, I confess that I will forever remain a loyal fan of world star Patrizio Buanne . His music will continue to be my daily companion and my boundless respect, the greatest possible loyalty and the greatest possible gratitude for this unique singer and entertainer and his music will last forever.