Monday ,2 December 2019

This website project made a long break but from today it continues.  


new updates coming soon


From now on i will answer every week one of your questions.


Question of the week-" What do you think about Patrizio Buanne ?"


Patrizio Buanne definitely has the most unique voice of all time. He is not good , no he is best. I have never listened to another music who has touched my heart the same way . Patrizio Buanne not only sings his songs, he feels them and sings them with real love and emotion. If you hear his voice, you know why I love his music. He is my hero and I´m sure that he is the best singer and entertainer from this world. He is not just fantastic, no he is phenomenal. His voice is so unique, nobody can copy that. Is he a fantastic singer? No he is much more , this singer is a world sensation. He is the best singer I've ever heard . He can sing with all his heart and his music touches my heart.  I think that his music is the 8th miracle on this planet and certainly his music is the biggest miracle of my life. The emotion he is able to put into a song is something so special.  His music make my worries and other anxieties vanish out of thin air. Whenever I feel down all I do is listen to Patrizio´s music and I feel better. He sings his songs with heart and soul and you can feel the love when you listen to his songs. His music is outstanding, magnificent, heavenly, glorious, gorgeous,unique and much more. There are no words to describe how unique his music is. Without a doubt one of the greatest singers in the music history of all times, now and forever. He has unbelievable talent and even greater heart and that's what counts the most. I can feel that he's a singer not just because of money but because he loves music and that's also the reason why he's such a brilliant singer and why all his songs are so unique and fantastic. His songs have more emotion and heart than most other singers of our generation.  You can dance to his songs, cry to his songs, and ponder the meaning of life with these songs. Patrizio Buanne and his music saved my life. His music is the best thing that ever happened to me. From the day I started listened to his music, I could actually see my life changing, bit after bit. Hopelessness became hope, I became braver and stronger than ever before in my life and together with his music began the most incredible and wonderful adventure trip of my whole life. 


Sunday 22.September 2019

Part 2 of my video series "My hero is Patrizio Buanne" is now online. After some videos have been uploaded in the last few days

Saturday 21.September 2019

On the start page my personal welcome video was added

New video is online

 Friday 20. September 2019


hello dear fans and friends, I wish you all a wonderful start to the weekend. In the coming hours, several video projects go online. Afterwards, new reading material will be uploaded . It will be a weekend with many updates.

The first video is online and I answer the following question:
Who is the biggest role model in your life?

Thursday , 19 September 2019

updates on the following page

My five musical favorites


Wednesday ,18.September 2019


Hello everybody, today my book "Life with and after Cancer" continues to be loaded. First comes part 4 with 10 pages where I look back on the year 2010 and tomorrow a bigger file will be uploaded with many more pages where I look back on the year 2011 -2012. Our goal is to finish uploading the book this week, as starting next week we will start promoting my English-language website and also my other projects. Until then, this website project will be further developed and filled with a lot of material. You may also look forward to a very personal welcome video  , and in another video I talk about my biggest role model . Tomorrow will be  first time video material uploaded in which i talk in english language. I have a lot of fun with this website project and can focus on this in the coming days. 


updates on the following page



Sunday, 15.September 2019


PDF file entitled "Memory and Present" has been uploaded on the following page

Life with Cancer


Thursday , 05.September 2019

new diary entry



Wednesday 4.September 2019

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Sunday  1.September 2019

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Life with Cancer


hello dear fans and friends, this afternoon the book project is loaded further.The next part of the book project goes to 15 clock online. i wish you all a wonderful and relaxing sunday.



Thursday 29. August 2019

Hello dear fans and friends. We've had technical issues uploading bigger files in the last few hours, so my book is now being uploaded in several parts. The first part is now online:


Tuesday 27. August 2019


My book project "Mister Cancer and my promise to God-My life with and after Cancer"  will be uploaded in 6 parts as PDF file on the following page starting tomorrow evening:

Monday 26.August 2019


Hello dear fans and friends,I wish you all a wonderful and sunny day. My team and I have worked very hard on all projects in the last days and weeks and it has all taken longer because we have everything with a lot of love for detail and with all our heart made and prepared. Tomorrow morning I have a long telephone meeting with all team members and starting tomorrow you can all look forward to releases from my English speaking projects . This week a lot of reading material will be released and also other updates will follow. In the last days we have worked countless hours every day on all projects and preparations for them, sometimes until late into the night, so we all treat ourselves to a day off today. I send all of you my warmest greetings , Liliane.

Friday 23.August 2019


New PDF file is online for reading and downloading


In 2012, the music of world star Patrizio Buanne came like a butterfly of hope into my life and changed my life forever.



My Butterfly of Hope.pdf
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 Friday 23.August 2019


Dear fans and friends,

 finally i find the time to write a new news entry. After having built up all my German homepage projects over so many years, I will devote myself in the future intensively to this website project for all English-speaking fans and friends. Over the past few days, I have had many telephone meetings with my team and I can not wait to start my projects in English language.


Starting today, new reading material will be uploaded every day. First only a few individual PDF files and from Sunday we start uploading the first book project. It took much longer than planned, but my team and I worked really hard to translate everything from German into English. First comes a PDF file where I write about my butterfly of hope and that was always the music of world star Patrizio Buanne for me. Whenever I listen to his music then I am happy, then I feel strong and courageous and continue on my way full of confidence. I'm so thankful to have his music in my life and it took me a long time to find the right words to describe how much his music means to me. This special PDF file goes online at 6 o'clock in the afternoon (European time). At this point, I would like to wholeheartedly thank my entire team, because there are hundreds of pages that have to be translated from German into English, and we are making very good progress. But of course there are always sentences that you just can not translate into another language as well, and for this I have to find other sentences that reflect the same content, so everything took longer.


We have also prepared a lot of promotion in the English speaking area and will start soon. But first, this website project will be further developed and filled with a lot of reading material. Also video material in which I speak English will be recorded in the coming days and go online.


As soon as there were updates, we always write this right here in the news area and post it on Facebook.



Saturday 17.August 2019 

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The Message of my books



Saturday, 10.August 2019

My biography is online to read and download:



Saturday, 3.August 2019

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Tuesday, 16.April 2019 

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My Hero 


Saturday ,13.April 2019 


my first diary entry 


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My Hero 

Friday , 12 April 2019


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My Life Journey



Thursday , 11 April 2019

My official Facebook Page for all english -speaking fans and friends is available:

Thursday, 14  March  2019

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My Life Journey


Wednesday, 13  March  2019


 Hello fans and friends. This website is just at the beginning of a long journey and now its time to start this journey. It´s much more than just a website project , it´s a part of me . i have several website projects ,but this here is the most personal project i have ever made. Here I write about my deepest feelings, about my fears, my hopes and dreams.  I will write about me , my music, my life with and after cancer , about my book projects, about my deepest feelings and much more. All what i do needs time because i do all that with all my heart . But from now on there will be no longer break anymore on this website projekt . English is such a beautiful language and brings people togheter from all over the world. My native language is german and i love this language very much but i also love the english language.i think it's not the most important thing to be perfect in any language, but its so wonderful to understand other languages and to talk and write with people from all over the world. this website project is much more than just a website , it´s a very important part from me , it´s a home for all my fans and friends and and i will give my best for this website projekt. welcome to my life. In my Diary I will write every day a little bit more, about me , about my music , my dreams, my hopes, my life with and after cancer, my musical idols and much more. Tomorrow  i write a little bit about my big musical idol Patrizio Buanne  on the following side

My big Hero and Musical Idol

His music is so important to my life and makes me so happy on every new day. 


warmest greetings ,liliane.